Train ride, Tehran, Back to France

I am SO late writing this article. I've been back to France for a month already, I think I needed time. Back to where I stopped : I hopped on a train in Bandar Abbas. Before that, I had to print my ticket at the train station. I got into the service office, got in … Lire la suite de Train ride, Tehran, Back to France


Qeshm Island, hiking and hitchhiking

The bus trip was LONG. I got used to “VIP” buses in Iran, which are also cheap, but spacy, they give a snack etc. This time I bought my ticket on the internet, took the cheapest one (5euros bus+ferry) so of course it was an old local bus. And as usual I am sited with … Lire la suite de Qeshm Island, hiking and hitchhiking


Saturday morning, 9 o’clock it is time for me to pack and to say goodbye to Mohammad and Mali. I met 5 French guys traveling together just before leaving and it felt good to speak French a little bit, to share our experiences and I could answer a few question they had about Iran and … Lire la suite de Kashan